Overwatch League 2019 Power Rankings Stage 1 Week 4.

Getting there now!

We’ve only got one week left in stage one and things are spahing up to be an exciting last week of stage 1!. More teams have clinched and many more have been eliminated. However, there is still a very tight battle in the middle of the pack for the last few spots and the standings may look completely different by this time next week, which is so exciting to see because of how much parody we have in the league. Promotional materials thanks to the Overwatch League.

20 LA Valiant

Week: 0-2 Season: 0-7

Last Week: 19

Major changes are being made at the coaching level for this team already as they finished winless in the first stage of the season. That may not be all that happens during the break as there were major flaws exposed this stage from this team. At its base level this team is functionally better than Washington, but because they have no games to prove it, they are last in the league. It feels awkward book-ending this list with the two teams with the two best records from last year (Spoilers!), especially since I thought this team would win the grand finals last year.

19 Washington Justice

Week: 0-1 Season: 0-5

Last week: 20

Washington has two more games this season to keep this 19 ranking, if they somehow manage to win both games then maybe they could even jump past Florida, but, that seems to be the ceiling for this team at this point. If they can somehow beat the now struggling Eternal, then they can surely beat Florida, this is a good week to see just where the Justice stands after the culmination of this stage.

18 Florida Mayhem

Week: 0-1 Season: 1-5

Last Week: 18

Florida stays steady with 1 win to their name. They play Washington this week to cling on to this position but Washington has been playing much better of recently and I think next week we may see these two teams swapped on the standings.

17 Paris Eternal

Week: 0-2 Season- 2-3

Last Week: 8

This is admittedly harsh for a team I thought so highly of last week. They played two of the best teams in the league last weekend and didn’t look too great. They play Washington this weekend along with the Fusion and how they do against these two teams that are on the opposite end of the spectrum in the league. They will more than likely move up just a little if they play well, but they need to at least beat Washington.

16 Chengdu Hunters

Week: 0-2 Season: 2-4

Last Week 16

Chengdu lives and dies on their personal strengths rather than the meta and while possibly even next stage this could pay massive dividends, this stage it has been a struggle. They played Vancouver and Toronto very close and made the matches extremely fun, but ultimately they just couldn’t keep up. They play Atlanta this weekend which is easily the most exciting match of the weekend for the sheer amount of creativity from both of these Meta challenging teams. Also expect it to be a statement win if Chengdu beats Atlanta.

15. Houston Outlaws

Week: 1-0 Season:3-3

Last Week: 15

Houston beat Los Angles this week in their only game. Which isn’t the best benchmark to gauge where this team stands. Both Houston and London need a lot of luck to go their way to lock in one of the stage playoff spots remaining. With a negative map differential, the Outlaws need a clean sweep in their last game to put themselves in the best position possible to keep playing GOATs in this stage.

14 Shanghai Dragons

Week: 1-1 Season: 3-4

Last Week: 13

Shanghai struggled against the the Fuel the past two weeks but they took down the Spitfire and seriously damaged their playoff chances. While eliminated from playoff contention for this stage they are going to get a fresh start with a new patch next stage and they are a good bet to make the next stage playoffs.

13 Hangzhou Spark

Week: 0-1 Season:3-4

Last Week: 12

Hangzhou just has not been able to follow up on that terrific first week that they had. Ending the stage on a loss to Toronto means that the Spark may not necessarily be the team we all though they were before the season started. Now that we have seen a quarter of Hangzhou’s season, it is fair to say that some changes may need to be made if there isn’t an immediate change at the beginning of the next stage.

12 LA Gladiators

Week: 2-0 Season: 3-4

Last Week: 17

The Gladiators finished their stage very strong. The communication issues that plagued them in previous weeks seemed to vanish as they only dropped 1 map all weekend. The Gladiators even handed Atlanta their second loss of the season. It was an extremely encouraging week for Gladiators fans going into the next stage.

11 Boston Uprising

Week: 1-0 Season: 3-3

Last Week: 14

Boston is currently sitting on the outside looking in to the playoffs in the 9th spot, however, they have arguably one of the hardest matches to win. Dallas has been playing well and currently hold one of the playoff spots and they are not willing to give that up any time soon. If Boston can win this they would be in a very good position to make the playoffs.

10 Seoul Dynasty

Week: 1-0 Season:3-3

Last Week 10

Seoul is doing just what they have to do to sneak into these stage playoffs. They beat Washington last week and now they need to beat London to give themselves a chance to play in the stage playoffs.

9 London Spitfire

Week: 0-1 Season:3-3

Last Week: 9

London really dropped the ball this week losing to Shanghai and now control much less of their destiny because of it. They need Gunagzhou to lose and London obviously needs to win themselves to make the jump, they need to realistically jump 4 teams at the moment but it still is very doable.

8 Dallas Fuel

Week: 1-0 Season: 4-2

Last Week: 11

The Fuel seem to have found their consistency in this last stretch of games. Beating Shanghai twice in a row is the very model of consistency and the Fuel can still move up or down based on this last game, they could move up and get a higher seed or move down and miss the stage playoffs completely if they get unlucky. With the lowest map differential of all teams in the stage playoffs, they could miss this chance at the last hurdle.

7 Guangzhou Charge

Week: 0-1 Season: 3-3

Last Week: 5

The charge are looking like they may have just missed out on the playoffs this time around. This past week was their last solid chance to win before playing the Titans this weekend and almost surely losing. Ending 4-3 looks vastly different than 3-4. The charge look to be a team on the way down.

6 Philadelphia Fusion

Week: 1-0 Season: 4-2

Last Week: 7

The Fusion are a hard, gritty team that struggled after their first week but have rebounded well to control their destiny in the stage playoffs. With one game left this stage they still have a lot of room to maneuver through the rankings. If they can beat Paris with a good map differential it is possible that they end the stage as high up as third, which will matter much more when the stage playoffs start.

5 Atlanta Reign

Week: 0-1 Season: 3-2

Last Week: 3

Atlanta took a hard loss this weekend against the Gladiators but having a high-risk high-reward style of play can sometimes lose you games. They are still one of the strongest teams in the league still provide fresh looks that can catch teams off guard. If they can find themselves in the stage playoffs, this may be a darkhorse team that can surprise everyone.

4 San Francisco Shock

Week: 1-1 Season: 4-3

Last Week: 4

San Francisco got swept by New York which is to be expected for any team in the league when competing against the best team in the league. The Shock have put themselves in a good position to play more Overwatch in the stage playoffs, their chances of winning aren’t the greatest, however.

3 Toronto Defiant

Week: 2-0 Season: 5-2

Last Week: Last Week 6

Toronto just keeps getting better. They have only lost to Vancouver and New York so far this year which places them pretty squarely at the top of the rankings. They look like they may hang out at the high end for a while due to to their consistent, smart, team play. While not necessarily making flashy plays, they always make the right plays at the right times.

*Correction, Toronto has lost to the Reign, not the Titans.

2 Vancouver Titans

Week: 2-0 Season: 5-0

Last Week: 2

Vancouver is the main challenger to New York’s throne because of how rock solid they have been this season. They have struggled more than New York against teams but they have the talent and the confidence to keep this streak going for a while.

1 New York Excelsior

Week: 2-0: Season: 7-0

Last Week: 1

Perfection achieved. Expect nothing less from this team going forward, they were tested when playing the Shock but they stand undefeated which is completely expected from this team. They are very much the favorites to win this stage playoffs.

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2 thoughts on “Overwatch League 2019 Power Rankings Stage 1 Week 4.

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  1. It’s really great to see Shanghai doing much better this season. It really warmed my heart when Geguri cried after their first win a few weeks back.

    I can’t believe LA are not doing too well. They were one of the better teams last season. It’s also a shame to see Washington like this, seeing as Janus was in NYXL and is such a great player.

    NYXL is proving once again that they are not to be messed with. I was worried that the minor roster changes would greatly affect their performance but I am glad I was wrong. Looking forward to the playoffs.


    1. I’m really enjoying watching the Dragons play this year! Adding Gamsu and Diem have made them SO much deadlier overall, they are a team not to be messed with. It breaks my heart to see LA doing so poorly, I genuinely thought that they were going to win the championship last year and seeing them play like this and watching their body language is so palpable that you just can’t help but feel bad for them, I really hope they play Custa next stage. As for New York I thought they would struggle with not only the Meta but also the roster changes but they are on top of their game. They make me think we may have a dynasty on our hands. I just hope Toronto can compete with whoever they play with in the stage playoffs, I’d love to see them win a series!

      Liked by 1 person

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