What If Cuphead Comes to Smash?


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It has already been 4 months since Super Smash Brothers Ultimate released back in December. While there have been 5 confirmed DLC fighters, only one has been announced, that being Joker, (Piranha Plant was a Preorder bonus and therefore does not formally count.) And more and more, we keep hearing Cuphead come up as a leaked DLC character. I have absolutely no faith in leaks until I see them confirmed, the whole reason I wanted to originally write this article was to discuss how unlikely it was that these leaks were true. But, the more I thought about it, the more I found myself thinking about what exactly his moveset would be. Not to mention things like stages and spirits. I have thought so much about this particular character coming to Super Smash Brothers that I am ready to pay for a new fighter pass with only Microsoft characters being featured. I’m getting ahead of myself though, let’s start with Cuphead’s moves.

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When I first started trying to come up with a set of solid moves for Cuphead my first thoughts went to the passive, and defensive moves in the game. The smoke bomb and automatic parry were my first ideas for moves, then I remembered how many different weapons there were other than the Peashooter. What I imagine the special moveset in particular being is: Neutral B, Spread Shooter, Side B Roundabout, Down B Lobber, and Up B is a Parry to help recover and have a small window to hit. That is only one option as to what Cuphead could do in game. There are plenty of other options for moves like the chaser, charge shot, so finding attacks is much easier than anticipated. The ultimate would almost surely be the energy beam, or the first super attack the player receives in the game. This is also completely ignoring the fact that almost half of the game Cuphead is in a plane with a completely different moveset. Long story short, there is plenty of potential for moves.

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Thinking about what stage may come from this game, a standard stage like hell or the casino would be really cool. Although, it would almost be more fitting to the game to basically copy and paste a run and gun level into the game. Cuphead is extremely difficult and nothing fits the difficulty of the game better than the moving stages in Smash. The spirits are the easiest part of all of this. The bosses would be the best opportunities for spirits. The devil, Medusa, King Dice, they are all so notable and unique that having them as spirits would make a great new addition.

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At the end of the day this is all good fun, but we still have no real confirmation of Cuphead and there are other more notable characters that seem to be in line before Cuphead gets his shot. He would be a natural fit, but characters like Banjo & Kazooie, Steve, Master Chief, and maybe even Conker would all seem like likely candidates to also join the fray. I would absolutely love to see Cuphead make it in, but it just does not seem likely at this time. A separate Microsoft fighter pass could be justified at this point, but in all honesty I would be happy with any sort of news from this game. Update 3.0 can’t come soon enough!

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Credit: Arquade

What fighter do you want to see revealed next? What would you like us to cover? Let us know in the comments down below and make sure to Comment and Subscribe for more Bring Your Own Games!

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