Halo: The Master Chief Collection is finally coming to PC

With Halo Reach on the way too!

At long last Microsoft has announced that Halo: The Master Chief Collection is coming to the PC. During their Inside Xbox Live stream on Tuesday, Microsoft finally revealed the news and added that Halo Reach would be joining the collection for both PC and Xbox.

While there have been rumors circulating about the collection coming to PC for quite some time now, many PC gamers were pleasantly surprised that the games would be coming to both the Windows Store and Steam. This was a unusual, but welcome move by Microsoft as they usually publish games exclusively to their Windows Store.

Due to the rocky launch of The Master Chief Collection on Xbox back in 2014, 343 Industries has decided to take a more cautious approach this time around, by releasing the games one by one in chronological order. By doing this, they hope to avoid the technical issues they encountered with the original launch and instead give the PC community a polished and fine-tuned experience.

Additional details are slim at the moment, as a release date hasn’t been provided and there has been no word on whether or not the titles will have crossplay or will be part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program. More details are likely to emerge in the coming months and possibly during E3.

This move by Microsoft is just its latest in its attempts at trying to merge the PC and console spaces together. Earlier this year, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced that Game Pass would be coming to PC and mouse and keyboard support for Xbox is also out now for certain games. Microsoft has also released a lot of its newer exclusives on both PC and Xbox.

How do you feel about the Master Chief Collection coming to PC and no longer being exclusively on Xbox? If you plan on buying it, will you get it on Steam or the Windows Store? Let us know in the comments and as always, be sure to subscribe to us here at BYOG for more of the latest and greatest in games.

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