Overwatch League 2019 Stage 1 Playoff Power Rankings

The Best of Stage 1

We are already through stage 1 of the 2019 Overwatch season! with 5 weeks of highly competitive play behind us, it is finally time to see who the best of the best on this patch is. With a tense final week of action we now know who will be in, and who will be out of the running this week. While there are some surprises of who is and is not on the list, all the teams who made it fought hard and rightfully deserve to be in the playoffs. With a new patch incoming and loads of new changes set for the next stage, this is our last real chance to see these teams go at it in this meta, and while it has become stale since we first saw it, it still provides plenty of quality moments for us to dissect. This week, only 8 teams matter, we are only ranking the playoff teams.

8. Boston Uprising

Image result for boston uprising logo
Credit: Liquipedia

Stage Record: 4-3

Chance of winning: 0%

Boston is a scrappy team that has risen up to become the lucky winner in the draw to play against Vancouver in the First round. While it is a major accomplishment to be the one of the two winners in the basically 6 team race is an accomplishment. However, there is almost no way Boston beats both New York and Vancouver to win, maybe beating one is realistic, but both is impossible.

7. Philadelphia Fusion

Image result for philadelphia fusion logo
Credit: Wikipedia

Stage Record: 5-2

Chance of Winning: 1%

Don’t let the record fool you, Philly’s schedule was almost definitely the easiest of the playoff teams. Playing games against all 4 of the bottom 4 teams, and only winning three of those games, the only impressive match Philadelphia had was their match against Atlanta and even that one the Fusion struggled and it could have gone either way. Maybe they can surprise everyone and make a deep run again like last year, but it really doesn’t seem likely in this meta.

6. Seoul Dynasty

Image result for seoul dynasty background
Credit: Wikipedia

Stage Record: 4-3

Chance of Winning: 5%

The Dynasty have been showing signs of improvement over the course of the stage. Depending on where Seoul places in the final rankings, the stage playoffs will be tough or even tougher. They seem like a team that could definitely pull off a major upset and win the whole playoffs, but it will definitely be tough.

5.Atlanta Reign

Image result for atlanta reign logo
Credit: Wikipedia

Stage Record: 4-3

Chance of Winning: 15%

Atlanta seriously struggled closing out the remainder of their stage after starting so incredibly strong. If we see the Atlanta we saw in the beginning of the stage they are incredibly dangerous, but if we see the Atlanta we saw towards the end then they will definitely struggle to win. It will be interesting to see what they have been saving up for these playoffs, it might be time to start searching Reddit for some insane trick plays to see what might be coming next from this team.

4.San Francisco Shock

Credit: Overwatch League

Stage Record: 4-3

Chance of Winning: 15%

The Shock are fundamentally solid team that had arguably the hardest schedule of any of the playoff teams and still ended up in the middle of the pack, even if it is the bottom end. Having a favorable draw could mean the Shock going deep into the playoffs, but they will more than likely need to beat Toronto, Vancouver, and New York, which is a very tall order.

3. Toronto Defiant

Image result for defiant logo
Credit: Liquipedia

Stage Record: 5-2

Chance of Winning: 25%

Finishing at the higher end of the leaderboard, Toronto has a decent shot at making a run, the odds of them meeting up with both Vancouver and New York are lower than the other teams, and if something weird happens and there is a major upset, Tornoto’s chances of winning go up significantly. The team most likely to win that isn’t one of the top two teams, if Toronto wins this playoffs, they may be legitimate end of season contenders.

2. Vancouver Titans

Credit: Liquipedia

Stage Record: 7-0

Chance of Winning: 75%

Vancouver is coming into the playoffs with the number one seed in the playoffs, edging out New York based on map differential. The only real threat to them is New York, if both of those teams make it to the stage playoffs, it will be an extremely fun end to the GOATs meta. The only untested element of their plan is how they respond to being on the stage in that situation, teams like New York and Philly have been there already and know what to expect, Vancouver hasn’t experienced that particular environment yet.

1.New York Excelsior

Image result for new york excelsior logo
Credit: Liquipedia

Stage Record: 7-0

Chance of Winning: 95%

New York is and will be the team to beat until further notice, they dominated the regular season last year, they dominated the stage playoffs last year, and the trend has continued into this year. New York has a firm understanding of the meta, and how to maximize the heroes that they use. They are susceptible to an upset, but given the restructuring of the stage playoffs and how they are more stable now, this seems less likely than last year. New York should be fired up after losing the 1 seed and will have something to prove when they play this week. Which could spell disaster for the other teams in the league. An inspired Excelsior is a near impossible team to beat.

Who do you think is going to win the stage 1 playoffs? What would you like us to cover next? Let us know in the comments down below and make sure to Like and Subscribe for more Bring Your Own Games.

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