Sea of Thieves to release Anniversary Update next month

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the launch of Sea of Thieves, and as promised by Rare, some details regarding their next massive update for the game were revealed in the form of a brief trailer. The trailer, which clocks in around one minute, shows off a slew of new things coming to the game such as fishing and hunting, story quests, the anticipated Arena mode, and other exciting new features.

Sea of Thieves launched a year ago to a rocky reception, as there were many server issues, bugs, and a general lack of content to keep a lot of players interested. Over the last year however, Rare has put a lot of time and effort into stabilizing the servers, fleshing out the bugs, and adding lots of new content to the game and turning it into the pirate game that people wanted from the beginning. Joe Neate, Executive Producer at Rare, wrote a brief article on Xbox Wire stating that “while it’s been an amazing first year, we’re not done yet. With four major updates, nine time-limited events, and more than thirty game updates, we’re still just getting started.” Let’s break down what looks to be coming to the game based on what the trailer showed us.


With the Anniversary Update, Sea of Thieves is getting a bunch of new things including one of its most requested features – fishing! Players have been asking for fishing since launch and now Rare is finally bringing it to the game. It appears as though we will not only have the ability to fish and hunt, but also to cook what they catch. It also appears as though crafting might be a new system coming with the patch, but no details on how it will be used or what players will be able to craft.

Story-driven quests

The lack of story-driven quests in Sea of Thieves is another big criticism the game has faced since launch. Rare seems to be addressing that in the Anniversary Update by introducing quest campaigns, called Tall Tales. The first quest campaign of the Tall Tales series is titled Shores of Gold and will seemingly have players interacting with constellations and exploring caves laid with traps as well. It will certainly be interesting to see Rare’s approach to narrative quests and how players will react to them.

Arena Mode

The much-discussed Arena mode also looks to be bundled into the update as well, which should give bloodthirsty pirates something to be excited about. Crews and their ships will get to battle it out against other players in attempts to get the most gold and be declared the victor. Arena will launch as a separate mode in the game and Joe Neate states that they plan to grow the new mode over time just like the have done with the base game.

Other things that have been shown off in the trailer are harpoon guns for ships, more ways ships can get damaged including the masts falling down and wheels getting damaged, and more. You can watch the trailer below.

The Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update is set to be released on April 30th. If you’ve never played Sea of Thieves, you can buy it on Xbox or Windows 10 PC through the Xbox Store or the Windows Store. The game is also available on Game Pass, and if you’re new to it, you can subscribe now and get your first month for only $1.

What new things are you looking forward to getting with the Anniversary Update? Do you want something that won’t be included in the update? Let us know in the comments below, and for all things Sea of Thieves, be sure to subscribe to Bring Your Own Games.

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