State of Play Reactions March 25.

Sony: Can I Copy your homework?

Nintendo: Yeah sure but make sure it doesn’t look too similar.

Sony has finally entered the “Direct” method of giving news. Providing a small showcase of games coming mostly this year to the system. And the overall product was, a bit rushed? Coming in at about 20 minutes long this State of Play flew through games, showing a trailer, giving some notes on what the game was, then quickly moving on to the next game. Providing a flurry of games to cover, and while we won’t be able to get to all of them, there were some big games that definitely will be talked about. But first, the overall presentation was almost there. The style was nice, and it had a good flow to it even though it felt like a direct rip-off of Nintendo’s direct style. The worst part of the presentation is just it felt rushed, which caused it to suffer a little bit. The worst part however, was the games lineup.

While there was nothing particularly bad about what was shown today, there also wasn’t anything that necessarily stood out either. The vast majority of games were already known or heavily teased. And if there was new information, sometimes it was hard to tell what exactly was being shown. The games looked good enough to be comforted in the fact that they look like they will be good games, but, overall not much was done to sell the products. Some of the big announcements were PSVR games like Five Nights at Freddies VR: Help Wanted, or Blood and Truth, and the Iron Man VR game, all showing off very well. Other games like Days Gone and Concrete Genie looked like so much fun to play. The games looked very good, but the way that they were presented was flawed.

My big questions coming into this are still unanswered. No talk of the big three games left announced, and no word on dreams, even though there has been lots of news around it this year so far. This leaves me to wonder if there will be another, bigger, State of Play during E3 week. Showing off this little of the first party support means that there might already be more planned for later down the road. As for right now, though we’ll just have to wait and see. Overall though this was a good way for Sony to dip their toe into 2019. Who knows what else Sony has in store for this year.

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  1. I also felt like this was a complete ripoff of the Nintendo Direct series. At least we got new info on some new and upcoming games, but I cannot help but think that this was unnecessary. Then again, Sony is not going to be at E3 this year so it makes sense. Good article!


    1. Thanks for reading! I don’t think it was necessarily a bad thing that they took so many ques from Nintendo because it is a system that works well, it just fell a bit more flat than a Direct, which can be ironed out. I think the later in the year we get the better the presentations,and the games presented get better.

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