Overwatch League 2019 Stage 1 Recap

RIP GOATS meta 2018-2019

We are officially through a quarter of the season now with Stage 1 finishing up last week. And, after 5 intense weeks of competition it is safe to say that we have learned a lot about not only Overwatch and how the game itself is played, but we also learned about every team, new and old. There have been plenty of highlights and turmoil so far this season. Which all culminated to quite possibly the best set of Overwatch we have seen in the Overwatch league yet. Credit to Overwatch League for the videos as always.

The Good

The new teams all performed so well! Every team showed positive signs moving forward by the end of the stage and every new team has collected at least one win. Not only that but, we are going to see some of the average teams look much stronger in this new meta approaching. Teams like Chengdu and Atlanta will find more success in a DPS focused meta. While the triple-triple meta showcased which teams succeed in an environment where the team based parts of the game are most emphasized, it will be exciting to see individual playmaking from big names like Carpe, Surefour, and Dafran pop up again. The steady teamfights that happened in Stage 1 were a good introduction to the game for people new to Overwatch in general. Seeing big plays being made will only build on that foundation laid in this meta. Like mentioned before though, the intense 7 map set between the Shock and the Titans in the stage playoffs provided potentially the most exciting match possible in all of stage 1. The first real tug-of-war battle we have seen go the distance, it was fun to see such heated competition from a team few people expected to be in the finals (San Francisco.)

The Bad

Unfortunately the Los Angeles Valiant are the most surprising team in the Overwatch League, just in all the wrong ways. Going winless throughout the stage, LA not only was the first team eliminated from stage playoff contention, but they also seriously hurt their season playoff potential. However, there were other, more notable incidents that happened throughout the stage. The utterly oppressive nature of the GOATs meta had the fan’s blood boiling by the end of the stage. With the audience even going so far as booing teams that switched from DPS heroes to the standard lineup. All of this combined left a very unsavory taste in fans mouths as it felt like much of the excitement from last year had dulled because there was so much working against the league this stage. The matches were still high quality and this has been some of the most competetive overwatch we have seen yet, but if the atmosphere isn’t fun, then the viewers at home won’t be as invested as they could be. Hopefully all of these problems dissolve in the next stage on the new patch.

The Future

With major buffs and nerfs to a majority of the roster coming through to the next stage, the first few weeks of this next stage will be the most exciting as the teams figure out compositions and strategies to surprise their opponent. This is also due in no small part to Baptiste, the new support hero added to the game. Baptiste adds a new flavor to the game in a high skill ceiling hero that can do many things at once. Seeing the best players in the world try new strategies with him is going to be a blast. The Goats comp isn’t quite dead yet, but, the tools to beat it have been vastly improved. You may see a team like Vancouver try to keep running the Triple-Triple comp in the first few games of their stage, but if it doesn’t work, expect major changes to be coming. It is almost like the wild west with how different the game is going to look from last stage to this one. I would be willing to bet that we see a lot more damage dealers and maybe even a 4 DPS team in the first week or two. As for teams, the Shock are looking like the favorites for the stage title in my mind, the investment made last year is paying off early as San Francisco is looking very strong after Stage 1.

The excitement is only beginning as the teams ramp up to get ready for Stage 2. Look out next week when we’ll unveil our first power rankings before all the action gets started. The next stage is looking like one of the most exciting stages of the Overwatch League yet!

Are you excited for Stage 2? What else do you want us to cover? Let us know in the comments down below, and make sure to subscribe for more Bring Your Own Games!

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    1. I think Los Angeles is on the upswing in this Stage coming up, with a new coach and meta, its like hitting the refresh button. And while I was personally rooting for San Francisco, it was awesome to see the team that originated the GOATs comp and show how well they can play it, I was most glad for such an amazing series!

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