Red Dead Redemption II is underrated

Back in October of last year, Red Dead Redemption II was released to great critical acclaim, making it tied with Grand Theft Auto V as the highest rated game of this generation on Metacritic (both at a 97). While some may view this review score as a bit overrated, I'm here to tell you why... Continue Reading →

What If Cuphead Comes to Smash?

Wallop! Credit: Tenor It has already been 4 months since Super Smash Brothers Ultimate released back in December. While there have been 5 confirmed DLC fighters, only one has been announced, that being Joker, (Piranha Plant was a Preorder bonus and therefore does not formally count.) And more and more, we keep hearing Cuphead come... Continue Reading →

Weekly Rewind: 3/3 – 3/9

Another week has gone by in the blink of an eye and with all the gaming news hitting the press, it can be easy to miss some of it. Here are some things you might have missed this week: Respawn released a balancing update for Apex Legends Respawn Entertainment has released an update for Apex... Continue Reading →

Bring Your Own Games Update 3/8

Good News, Everyone! Happy Spring! The weather is just starting to warm up but Bring Your Own Games is about to bring the heat to March! As loyal readers may have noticed, the schedule has shifted a bit since the beginning of the year, and it is time to address it formally. Some series have... Continue Reading →

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