Is 2019 The Year of Travis Touchdown?

Suda51 Strikes Again

Last year, Travis Touchdown was almost a distant memory of video games past, having had no games since the Wii era. However, 2019 is a new year and apparently Suda51 is ready to let the No More Heroes franchise run wild once again. After releasing a generally passed over side game, it was assumed this may be all we see from the series for a while, however, recently it was teased that we may get more information at E3 in just a few months.

More than likely this is a new official iteration in the No More Heroes series. The developers have expressed interest in releasing a third game in the series. This could be much closer than many of us expect. No More Heroes 3 could possibly even release this year. With the industry trending to a process of show and tell, rather than just tell, many games are being shown much closer to their release date, taking a page from Bethesda and their release of Fallout 4.

With all of this new emphasis on Travis, there is one other game that he could fit remarkably well into. That’s Super Smash Brothers, essentially a Nintendo exclusive 3rd party character, Travis feels eerily similar to the conditions surrounding Bayonetta when she was released. With a teased information drop timed for E3, it would be perfect timing to announce a new game and Travis coming to Smash, possibly even that day, just like with Smash 4 and their DLC, announcing the characters and adding them into the game the same day. It could happen, it might be a controversial pick, considering it would be another sword wielder, but the No More Heroes franchise is wacky enough that Travis could have a completely unique and fun moveset even though he would be yet another character with a sword.

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Credit: Tumblr

Long story short, Suda51 has really geared up to make a big splash in 2019. While the first game this year was mixed, it did garner some love for it online. And with hints of more coming this year, it could mean big things for the studio. If No More Heroes 3 can be just as good, if not better than the first two games, it has a real chance of making a big splash in an overall down year in quality and quantity of games. 2019 isn’t nearly as crowded as past years, there are no God of War’s or Persona 5’s, at least not yet. All of the games in 2019 have failed to break through and stand out above the rest as the game of the year, if No More Heroes is received well, this could be a major success for the franchise. But, for now, we all will just have to wait and see, E3 isn’t that far away, right?

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