Weekly Rewind: 3/31 – 4/6/19

It’s been another slow week in the gaming industry, but that doesn’t mean it’s come without any news. Here’s some of the news you might have missed this week.

Xbox rumored to revealing new subscription called Game Pass Ultimate

We start with some of the most recent news of this week as yesterday notable Microsoft leaker h0X0d posted on Twitter that Microsoft plans to be releasing a new subscription called Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The new subscription plans to bundle Game Pass with Xbox Live Gold into one plan and offer it at $14.99 per month. While the new subscription is the same price as players who already subscribe to both are paying, it’s a great incentive for new players joining the Xbox community and especially those who are planning to purchase the discless Xbox One S rumored to be coming out this May. It also might make the lives of current subscribers to both services as it will only give them one bill to keep track of as opposed to two.

Borderlands 3 gets an official release date

After the technical-issue-filled announcement of Borderlands 3 followed by a leak on Twitter saying that the game would be coming out on September 13th, the announcement was made official this week on April 3rd. The game has drawn a lot of negative reception from PC players when it was announced that at launch it would be exclusive to the Epic Store for 6 months.

Watch Dogs 3 is rumored to be set in London

It looks like Ubisoft’s open world hacker game is going heading to London, as Kotaku’s Jason Schreier has stated that the next entry in the Watch Dogs franchise is heading. Though Ubisoft themselves have been keeping quiet about it, Schreier has proven to be a fairly credible leaker in the industry. If the rumors turn out to be true, we likely won’t have to wait long to learn more details about the new entry as Ubisoft recently confirmed that they would be having an E3 press conference on June 10th and also have a space on the show floor.

Apex Legends will get a penalty system for leaving games early

While it was unintentionally put into the latest update for the game, Respawn has since come out and confirmed that they have been working on and will be fully implementing a penalty system for people who leave matches early. The system was set up so that for every three matches that someone leaves early intentionally, they would have to sit through a five minute cooldown before they are able to jump into another match. The system has since been disabled and there is no word on when it will be officially introduced to the game or if the cooldown time will change for it.

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