Overwatch League Power Rankings Stage 2 Week 1

*Looks Left**Looks Right* “Hey, wanna go GOATS?”

Stage 2 is officially underway! With the new patch, and most important;y, new hero Baptiste, you would thin the landscape would be completely different. However, so far it has been a lot of the same. More compositions have come into play, with bunker compositions becoming more prevalent with the new map pool and Baptiste being a hero that pairs with it well. And just like the meta, there has been some shifting, but there are some stable foundations that have not been broken. Credit as always to the Overwatch league for video and photo credits.

20 Florida Mayhem

Week: 0-2 Stage: 0-2 Season:1-8

Last Week: 20

Florida has not only scrapped any English speaking person for their roster and made even more massive changes, mid stage, but now the GM of the mayhem has been under fire for making remarks about the San Francisco Shock’s Support Sleepy, I guess all you can really say about this team is, Sorry, Man.

19 Los Angeles Valiant

Week: 0-1 Stage: 0-1 Season:0-8

Last Week: 19

The Valiant still have yet to find a win this season, however, this first week wasn’t the best benchmark to tell the progress of this team. Playing the Shock is tough to ask of any team, even more so the team that hasn’t won yet this year.

18 Washington Justice

Week: 0-2 Stage: 0-2 Season:1-8

Last Week: 18

The Justice choked hard multiple times in their loss against the Hunters. They had solid defenses where a full take of a point wasn’t required, and they still didn’t manage to pull it off. If their offense can match their defense, they can start to string together some wins.

17 Guangzho Charge

Week: 0-2 Stage:0-2 Season:3-6

Last week: 13

The Charge have played two matches on this patch and have failed to win a single map. Now only having three wins this season, the Charge look disappointing in their first year in the league.

16 Hangzhou Spark

Week:0-1 Stage: 0-1 Season:3-5

Last Week: 15

The Spark played the Titans in a pre-OWL grudge match of two notable Korean teams. It certainly didn’t go the way the Spark had hoped, losing the set in a sweep to the Titans. Playing the best team in the league when they clearly have strong personal feelings toward the match makes it very unlikely that the spark were going to win. It only gets easier from here.

15 Paris Eternal

Week: 1-1 Stage: 1-1 Season:4-5

Last Week: 17

Paris exhibited symptoms of classic Jekyll and Hyde syndrome. Sweeping the Charge in their first game and then being swept by the Hunters in their next. Where they go from here is a mystery. but right now it certainly looks like they won’t be going to the playoffs.

14 Houston Outlaws

Week: 0-0 Stage: 0-0 Season: 3-4

Last Week: 16

The Outlaws have moved up simply because they haven’t played yet. This looks like it could be a strong meta for them with the diversity in compositions and the recent buffs to Junkrat specifically, but as of right now they are still an unknown quantity.

13 Shanghai Dragons

Week: 0-1 Stage: 0-1 Season: 4-4

Last week: 10

Shanghai has fallen back to earth a bit after getting hot in the middle of stage 1. Falling to a .500 record on the season is still a massive improvement over last season, but it certainly is not where they had hoped to be at this point in the year. They also played the Gladiators, who look like they are one of the strongest teams in the league right now. Those are the games this team needs to win to make their mark on this season.

12 Atlanta Reign

Week: 0-2 Stage: 0-2 Season: 4-5

Last Week: 7

The Reign are struggling after the sudden retirement of Dafran. Adding Babybay is an alright replacement but there is a different attitude with this team now, the swagger and excitement is gone. They are below .500 and who knows if they will end up contending for either a stage playoffs or a season playoff spot at this point.

11 Chengdu Hunters

Week: 2-0 Stage: 2-0 Season: 5-4

Last Week: 14

Chengdu got off to a shaky 2-0 start, but it is an undefeated start either way. In a more diverse meta, Chengdu looks like the team we hoped they could be.This is the wild card team that is hard to plan for and picks up wins using quirky strategies, except their strategies are stronger and can win them games now. They won’t stay perfect, but they do have a good shot at making the stage playoffs, and after that, who knows?

10 London Spitfire

Week: 2-0 Stage: 2-0 Season: 5-4

Last Week: 12

London just barely missed out on the last stage playoffs but they are working their hardest this stage to make sure that doesn’t happen again. They just barely beat Florida and they swept a falling Reign team, it wasn’t the most notable start to their stage, but every win is just as important in this league.

9 Seoul Dynasty

Week: 0-1 Stage: 0-1 Season: 4-4

Last Week: 5

Seoul moves down mainly because of the impressive nature of the teams moving up. Sure Seoul beat New York in the playoffs, but they also need to beat a Gladiator team that struggled early in the year. To get back to the playoffs they first need to win the games in the regular season.

8 LA Gladiators

Week: 2-0 Stage: 2-0 Season: 5-4

Last Week: 11

The Gladiators have very easily carried over their momentum from the end of the last stage. Turning a 1-4 start into a healthy 5-4 record. After winning 4 of their last 5 matches, the Gladiators look to be a legitimate threat once again moving forward. LA also can say that they have beaten the Shock, which is a huge win for them as the season goes on.

7 Dallas Fuel

Week: 0-0 Stage 0-0 Season: 4-3

Last Week: 8

Even though the Fuel didn’t play this week they still got better, how? They traded for Boston Uprising’s NOTE, one of the top D.VA players in the league and an awesome pickup because of the strength and lasting impression D.VA has left on every meta for years. The Fuel are looking more and more like a top tier team every day.

6 Boston Uprising

Week: 2-0 Stage: 2-0 Season: 6-3

Last Week: 9

Speaking of trades, the Boston Uprising have made a few between the offseason and now, and somehow they are still winning? Not only that, but they are have won more consecutive reverse sweeps than any other team in league history. While that statistic isn’t necessarily a distinction a team wants to have, being in those situations so many times may end up helping them down the road.

5 Philadelphia Fusion

Week: 1-1 Stage 1-1 Season:6-3

Last Week: 6

Philly played about as expected this week , beating Florida and losing to New York. Philly has two big games this week as they play both Toronto and London. After this week we will have a much better understanding of who the Fusion are and where they fall in the rankings.

4 Toronto Defiant

Week: 1-1 Stage: 1-1 Season: 6-3

Last Week: 4

Toronto still holds the title of the best of the rest. Beating Washington and falling to Boston in the reverse sweep this week was a wash for the team, next week they play both Philly and Dallas, two of the top teams in this stage. Toronto plays quietly consistent games and doesn’t make many headlines so it is easy to overlook the team but they are not one to be underestimated.

3 New York Excelsior

Week: 2-0 Stage: 2-0 Season 9-0

Last Week: 3

These last three teams and their rankings are interchangeable really. The only reason the Shock are on top of New York is because of the aggressive nature of the meta. A more passive and defensive team, they can be burned by not being aggro enough at times.

2 San Francisco Shock

Week: 2-0 Stage: 2-0 Season: 6-3

Last Week: 2

Sinatraa looks like an MVP canditidate more and more every day. He is one of the top performers on a team filled with superstar talent. As the top paid player in the game, Sinatraa is earning his money, and then some for the success his team is having. The rest of the team is playing up to his level though, Moth, Super, everyone on the team is playing outstanding Overwatch right now and they are a scary team to beat.

1 Vancouver Titans

Week: 1-0 Stage 1-0 Season: 8-0

Last Week: 1

The scariest team of them all, however, continues to be the Titans. It is hard to imagine them losing at this point, the only team to really push them to the limits so far has been the Shock, who they don’t play this stage. The Titans may just end this stage perfect as well.

Did you enjoy the first week of Stage 2? What would you like us to cover next? Let us know in the comments down below, and make sure to Like, Share, and Subscribe for more Bring Your Own Games.

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