Overwatch Archives Event: Storm Rising Begins Tuesday

Storm Chasers

Quite Possibly the greatest Overwatch event of them all, the Archives event is our annual dose of Overwatch lore in game form. The first year was the Uprising event, featuring Tracer, Mercy, Reinhardt, and Torbjorn. This gave us a perspective on Tracer’s first mission in Overwatch, protecting Kings Row from an Omnic attack. Last year was the Retribution event, which showed the beginning of the end of Overwatch. Featuring the Blackwatch strike team of Gabriel (Reaper), Mcree, Genji, and Moira, the event premiered a brand new map in the form of Rialto.

This year seems to be adding even more to the yearly mix. Not only is there a new map coming in the form of Havana, Cuba. But this also marks the first in game appearance of another notable Talon leader, Maximilian. There is no word yet on what exactly his role is in the gameplay. Surely he will be the villain of this event, but the fact that he has a character model in the game is telling of the big plans they have for this character. This event is chronologically between the past two events. The circumstances of the Uprising event are directly referenced in the promotion for Storm Rising, but with the little amount of controversy surrounding Overwatch at this time, it surely has to be before the Retribution event.

The confirmed team for the event is Winston, Mercy, Genji, and Tracer. Expect a lot of movement and quick battles from the event as these are characters built to get in and out of fights quickly. While it seems unlikely, a final boss between Maximilian and the rest of the team. Considering the way Maximilian has been presented, this doesn’t seem terribly likely, but no matter what happens, this surely is the first time of many that we see this character come up in game.

The rest of the event looks to be about on par with the main event, the skins have been stellar so far and most are lore-based which always adds an extra layer of fun to the skin itself. Confirmed skins as of writing are Baptiste, Junkrat, Moira, and Mcree. There are surely more coming now as the event itself doesn’t start for another 4 days. Generally Blizzard likes to save some of their best skins for last. Hopefully this event marks a turning point for the development team. Events have been lackluster for a while now, with this event being the exception of the bunch. Hopefully the success of this event will bring back more variation in events and event content. In other words, please give us more lore-based events, please Blizzard.

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