Overwatch League 2019 Power Rankings Stage 2 Week 2

Times they are a change’n

With two weeks of play behind us, we are starting to see the real winners and losers from this most recent patch. Some teams have either found or continued their success and are climbing the leaderboard. However, just as many teams have started to struggle or just have not found their footing yet this season. Lots of teams have traded places this week and even more changes may be coming as the season goes on.

20. Guangzhou Charge

Week: 0-2 Stage: 0-4 Season:3-8

Last Week: 17

The Charge haven’t won a map yet in Stage 2. If this continues into next week with their matches against the Spark and the Reign, serious work may need to be done to this team.

19 Florida Mayhem

Week: 0-2 Stage: 0-4 Season:1-10

Last Week: 20

Still terrible. With games against the Gladiators and Dragons upcoming, don’t count on a win any time soon.

18 Washington Justice

Week: 0-2 Stage: 0-4 Season:1-10

Last Week: 18

The Justice have been struggling even with the addition of support Ark acquired between stages. There are obviously more holes to fill, but the Justice are a competitive team in the league.

17 Los Angeles Valiant

Week: 1-1 Stage: 1-2 Season:1-9

Last Week: 19

The Valiant had the most notable win of the week, because it was their first! They beat the Reign and played well against the Gladiators in an eventual 2-1 loss to end the week. The Valiant are starting to look competitive again, which is always a great thing. A game with the Justice next week should help produce a win for the team.

16 Atlanta Reign

Week: 1-1 Stage: 1-3 Season:5-6

Last Week: 12

The story of this team continues to be their struggles after Dafran’s retirement. The Reign are plummeting down the standings without their leader going into battle with them. If you want to see how much one person can change the complexion of a team, look no further than the Reign.

15 Paris Eternal

Week: 1-1 Stage: 2-2 Season:5-6

Last Week: 15

Paris holds steady taking a 2-2 record into their week off. A decent record so far, Paris is still a strong contender for the stage playoffs. But the quality of teams they have been playing has been stark, beating terrible teams and losing to relatively good teams. They need to start winning some of the games against better teams if they want to move up.

14 Hangzhou Spark

Week: 1-0 Stage: 1-1 Season:4-5

Last Week: 16

The Spark had an impressive win against Boston, finally turning the tides and beating them in a best of 5 series. However, this doesn’t do much to help overall though, sweeps are what will get them in contention. The map differential is extremely important this season.

13 Houston Outlaws

Week:0-1 Stage: 0-1 Season:3-5

Last Week: 14

The Outlaws have the potential to be a top team in the league, but only in a DPS meta. They played well against the Titans when using a DPS focused composition. Studying Chengdu’s play style and finding where it is applicable for them may be the course of action for this team.

12 Chengdu Hunters

Week: 0-1 Stage: 2-1 Season: 5-5

Last Week: 11

Chengdu lost their first game of the stage this week but it is next week that is the bigger concern. They play the Gladiators who look tougher than ever in this stage. Chengdu may be quickly falling to a .500 record in the standings very soon.

11 Shanghai Dragons

Week:1-0 Stage: 1-2 Season:4-6

Last Week: 12

Shanghai got their first win of the stage against the Hunters. Flexing all over the place and even beating Chengdu at their own game for some of the match, the Dragons need to keep this winning attitude up if they want a chance to compete in the stage playoffs.

10 London Spitfire

Week: 1-0 Stage: 3-0 Season:6-4

Last Week: 10

London may be a bit underrated at the moment but with their problems with consistency it is hard to trust them going forward. London scrapes by every time they get into a playoff situation. If they can continue to win against impressive teams like the Fusion, they may start moving up.

9 Seoul Dynasty

Week: 0-1 Stage: 0-2 Season:4-5

Last Week:9

It has been a rough start to the Stage for the Dynasty. After losing to both the Gladiators and the Titans, Seoul has been put through the wringer. It doesn’t get any easier from there as they play Dallas next week. Seoul could be out of the stage playoffs before we know it.

8 Toronto Defiant

Week: 0-2 Stage: 1-3 Season: 6-5

Last Week: 4

Toronto has been struggling with this patch, having only won against Washington in week 1, all the momentum from the last stage is gone. Fortunately for the team they built up a hefty lead for the overall season so they haven’t destroyed their season, but they have made it much harder on themselves than it could have been.

7 Boston Uprising

Week: 0-1 Stage: 2-1 Season: 6-4

Last Week: 6

Boston got a little taste of their own medicine this past week as they fell in 5 maps to the Hangzhou Spark. This could prove to be a painful loss for them as they still have to play both London and Vancouver next week. Winning one of those games should be considered a successful week.

6 Dallas Fuel

Week: 2-0 Stage: 2-0 Season: 6-3

Last Week: 7

Dallas looks more and more like an elite team in this league. The trade for NOTE may have been the final piece of the puzzle for their roster. D.VA is a constant hero choice in this league and having one of the best English speaking D.Vas in the world on your team is a huge win. The real test comes against Vancouver next week.

5 Philadelphia Fusion

Week:1-1 Stage: 2-2 Season: 7-4

Last Week: 5

The Fusion took down Toronto earlier in the week to help maintain their spot in the rankings. Had they won against London they more than likely would have moved up a spot to 4. Unfortunately though, they couldn’t pull off the win and stay where they are for now.

4 LA Gladiators

Week: 2-0 Stage: 4-0 Season: 7-4

Last Week: 8

The Gladiators keep rising and have found themselves with one of the best records in the league after starting 1-3. After sorting some early issues out they look incredibly strong and are a threatening team to crack into the top 3.

3 New York Excelsior

Week: 2-0 Stage: 4-0 Season: 11-0

Last Week: 3

The streak continues with two more wins this week for the Excelsior. This makes 11 wins on the season and they are the top team in the standings right now. New York is currently racing with Vancouver to see who can clinch a season playoff spot first.

2 San Francisco Shock

Week: 1-0 Stage: 3-0 Season:7-3

Last Week:2

The Shock are also well on their way to a perfect stage alongside the other three teams in the top 4. When it comes to clutch time, this is likely the team to take in the long run. The loss in the stage finals motivated them more than a win would have, and now they are even better than Stage 1.

1 Vancouver Titans

Week: 2-0 Stage: 3-0 Season: 10-0

Last Week: 1

The kings of Overwatch right now, Vancouver can’t be stopped right now and they look to maintain their title in the next stage playoffs. This is the safest bet in the league right now and with good reason, the team play and chemistry from this team is battle tested and there is nothing the Overwatch League can throw at them that they have not already handled.

What surprised you the most about this week? What would you like us to cover in the future? Let us know in the comments down below! And make sure to Like, Share, and Subscribe for more Bring Your Own Games.

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