Overwatch League 2019 Stage 2 Week 3 Power Rankings

Records. Broken.

With Stage 2 more than half way over we are almost to the halfway point in the season. So many narratives have popped up in recent weeks that it is hard to keep up with everything going on. And just as the story lines with each team are getting more interesting, so is the leader board. Major shakeups across the board prove that even though the meta may get stale, good competition will always be exciting.

20. Florida Mayhem

Week: 0-2 Stage: 0-6 Season:1-12

Last Week: 19

The bright side for Florida fans is that they have the week off for the Dallas home stand, so they technically can’t lose any games next week, the week after when they finish up the stage against Dallas. Don’t expect anything to change with this team until the management changes, Mayhem is an appropriate name for a team with such a chaotic infrastructure.

19. Guangzhou Charge

Week: 1-1 Stage: 1-5 Season:4-9

Last Week: 20

The Charge won a marathon slugfest against the Reign on Sunday in the highest scoring match in Overwatch League history. For a team that took weeks to win a map, that’s a huge improvement.

18 Washington Justice

Week: 0-1 Stage: 0-5 Season:1-11

Last Week: 18

With the addition of superstar support Sleepy coming in a trade from the San Francisco Shock, the Justice have refined their support lineup, and while they stand no chance at the stage playoffs for this stage, making good moves like this may end up gaining them wins in the end.

17 Los Angeles Valiant

Week: 1-0 Stage: 2-2 Season:2-9

Last Week: 17

The Valiant win again! With their win against Washington the Valiant actually look to be somewhat competitive for a stage playoff spot. It will take a huge step up in terms of skill and ability for the team, but they are still in it after 4 matches.

16 Houston Outlaws

Week:0-2 Stage: 0-3 Season:3-7

Last Week: 13

Houston is struggling and needs to start making changes. Just adding Danteh in the Off-season clearly hasn’t been enough, and while this team is a much closer knit group that almost any other team in the league, unfortunately that isn’t producing results and Houston just isn’t winning. If this stage continues like this, I could see one of their big three in Jake, Muma, or Rawkus being moved to bring a different piece in.

15 Atlanta Reign

Week: 1-1 Stage: 2-4 Season:6-7

Last Week: 16

This would have been my exact reaction if you told me Atlanta was going to beat New York Excelsior and then lose to Guangzhou Charge in the same week.

Image result for surprised gif
Credit: Fine

14 Paris Eternal

Week: 0-0 Stage: 2-2 Season:5-6

Last Week: 15

Paris has had a full week off to prepare for this match against London on Saturday, after that they have matches against Hangzhou and Toronto in that order to close out the stage. And, just like last stage, Paris is hanging around until the end again, if they can avoid the same mistakes as last time, they have the schedule to actually make the playoffs this time.

13 Hangzhou Spark

Week: 1-1 Stage: 2-2 Season:5-6

Last Week: 14

Hangzhou is a solid middle of the pack team, in a more appropriate meta for them they could be a strong contender for a stage championship. They just can’t string together wins though, its hard to find a rhythm in a season after going back and forth with wins for so long.

12 Toronto Defiant

Week: 0-1 Stage: 1-4 Season: 6-6

Last Week: 8

Credit: The Game Haus

The freefall continues for Toronto as the lose another game this week. After getting swept by the Shock again in a rematch of the previous Stage Playoffs, Toronto has dropped from 4th place in the league to exactly .500. With a week off between now and their next game it is the perfect time to reset and come back stronger against Vancouver and Paris. The stage playoffs are out at this point, but they can still recover and make the end of season playoffs.

11 Seoul Dynasty

Week: 1-0 Stage: 1-2 Season: 5-5

Last Week:9

Seoul got its first win of stage 2 this week with a victory over Dallas in a commanding 4-0 fashion against Dallas. This team has had a really rough start to the stage, playing both the Los Angeles Gladiators and the Vancouver Titans in their first two weeks. Playing someone more on their level proved that they are not a weak team, but that they played stronger teams.

10 Chengdu Hunters

Week: 0-1 Stage: 2-2 Season: 5-6

Last Week: 12

Chengdu’s against the grain attitude has helped them so much this year and they have adapted well to the map dependency that is so strong in the game right now. But that doesn’t help much when going against a powerhouse like the Gladiators. The Hunters finish up their stage with matches against Hangzhou, London and the Valiant in what should be the matches that determine how good Chengdu actually is. They are by far the most fun team to watch in the league, but can they continuously win is the major question.

9 Shanghai Dragons

Week: 2-0 Stage: 3-2 Season: 6-6

Last Week: 11

The Dragons have a very legitimate shot at making the stage playoffs after winning both of their games this week. Having a week to prepare for their last week of matches it is looking likely that if thy can win their match against the Washington Justice they can possibly just barely make it to the stage playoffs.

8 Boston Uprising

Week: 0-2 Stage: 2-3 Season: 6-6

Last Week: 7

Boston is two maps away from being 0-5 for the stage, just let that sink in. Being ranked in the top 10 is probably generous at this point with their risky trades. It looks like due to this losing streak the Uprising will just miss out on the stage playoffs, with matches against the Gladiators and Justice remaining, winning 1 game seems like a major accomplishment at this point.

7 Dallas Fuel

Week: 0-2 Stage: 2-2 Season: 6-5

Last Week: 6

Dallas went the entire week without winning a map. Which is a very bad sign going into their homestand where they are the headliners. The pressure is high for this team to perform well this coming week and losing these two games the way they did is not a good sign for things to come, maybe having an actual home crowd cheering them on can make a difference but right now things aren’t looking great.

6 Philadelphia Fusion

Week:1-1 Stage: 3-3 Season: 8-5

Last Week: 5

The Fusion just can’t seem to break their average slump. Philidaelphia have had an admittedly tough stage to compete in. They have played New York twice, they played the London Spitfire, and they end the stage against the San Francisco Shock. The Fusion are a good team that has had a lot of tough matches in a short span.

5 London Spitfire

Week: 1-0 Stage: 4-0 Season:7-4

Last Week: 10

London just keeps getting better. The Spitfire have almost guarenteed a shot in the stage playoffs after going undefeated in the first 3 weeks in this stage. Not only that but they have done wonders for their overall season total after being below a winning percentage at the end of the last stage. London seems to know that they have to bring it every match and they can’t just cruise in to last place and get by, every map matters and now London is making the most of it.

4 New York Excelsior

Week: 1-1 Stage: 5-1 Season: 12-1

Last Week: 3

New York is still one of the strongest teams in the league, but after a loss to the Atlanta Reign, New York looks vulnerable. Even losing 1 game is a big deal for this team and losing it to a team that looked like they were in freefall shows that either New York vastly underestimated their opponent in that match, or they aren’t as good as everyone had believed. They now sit below quite a few teams in the stage standings and are in the middle of the pack for seemingly the first time ever.

3 LA Gladiators

Week: 2-0 Stage: 6-0 Season: 9-4

Last Week: 8

The Gladiators are just one win away from having a 7-0 stage and they can do it against a struggling Boston team. Since week 3 of the first stage, the Gladiators have really turned themselves around and continue to impress. No team can take down this team right now and that early win against the Shock in week 1 keeps looking better and better on their end because of how well both teams are doing right now. A potential series from them in the playoffs could be the most exciting thing we have seen in the Overwatch League yet.

2 Vancouver Titans

Week: 2-0 Stage: 5-0 Season: 12-0

Last Week: 1

The Titans are very generous and it could come back to burn them eventually. They leave windows of opportunity in matches for teams to take advantage of and no team has been able to take full advantage of it yet. But if New York serves as a lesson, no team in the league is safe from a loss no matter how good they are.

1 San Francisco Shock

Week: 2-0 Stage: 5-0 Season:9-3

Last Week:2

San Francisco is the best team right now because they have something the other top teams in the league don’t have, motivation. After obtaining the record for most consecutive map wins in the History of the Overwatch League, the Shock are looking right past that and are staying hungry for a rematch against Vancouver. And with matches against Philly and Shanghai to close out the Stage, they very well could have a perfect stage by the time this stage wraps up.

Are you excited for the Overwatch League to travel to Dallas next week? What do you want us to cover next? Make sure to comment down below, and don’t forget to Like, Share and Subscribe for more Bring Your Own Games.

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