Overwatch League 2019 Stage 2 Playoff Preview

New Stage, Same Result?

We are officially at the half way point in the 2019 season and another stage is finally in the books. We’re almost to the All-Star break and the only thing left between us and the mid-season festivities is the Stage 2 playoffs. These are shaping up to be a real dogfight between a few teams. There are multiple streaks on the line here and something has to give. Whether it be the Shock’s perfect map streak, the Titans league record setting win streak, anything and everything is on the table, in what looks like an exciting end to the second stage of action.

Shanghai Dragons VS. San Francisco Shock

As much as I would like to get excited for Shanghai finally making their first stage playoffs, we just saw this match between them and the Shock at the end of the stage and they suffered the same fate as everyone else. Unfortunately for them I don’t see that changing. Shock wins in a clean sweep, 3-0.

Hangzhou Spark VS. London Spitfire

London has looked extremely impressive while winning the Atlantic division and clinching the #2 seed in the process. This will really benefit them because London would rather play Hangzhou than Dallas. It could end up being closer than people imagine, but London is on top of their game and every other team in the league should be on notice. London wins 3-1.

Dallas Fuel VS. Vancouver Titans

The Titans are looking to RunAway with another stage title and they will start against Dallas. Things aren’t looking good for the fuel as no one has been able to stop the Titans so far and it doesn’t look like anyone has come close to it yet. Vancouver wins 3-0

New York Excelsior VS. Los Angeles Gladiators

The NYXL for seemingly the first time in the history of the Overwatch league are the underdogs in a Stage Playoff. Not only that but they have finished in the bottom half of the playoff standings for the first time ever as well, coming in as the #5 seed. Los Angeles looks like a serious competitor for the end of season playoffs and if they keep this momentum going, they could have a very high seed by the end of the season. This is easily the most exciting match of the quarter finals and I think the Gladiators win it 3-2.

Los Angeles Gladiators VS. San Francisco Shock

This is where the rubber meets the road for the Shock, there is absolutely no way the map streak survives this match. Los Angeles will be the underdog here, but it shouldn’t be by much. LA beat San Francisco early in the year and both teams have only gotten better. No matter what happens for the Shock, they will almost definitely have to beat two of the three teams that beat them earlier this season, unless Vancouver is shocked in a historic upset. This one looks to go the distance but the Shock should win it, 4-3.

London Spitfire VS. Vancouver Titans

The London Spitfire are the reigning Overwatch League champions and are seeking to defend that title. This is the game to prove that they are still on top of the Overwatch world.But, they need to take on the current kings and beat them to secure themselves as a solid threat in the overall standings. If London can win it will send shock waves through the league. It definetly could happen. But, unfortunately the 3-3 composition and the Titans are just too good. The Titans win a close one 4-2.

Vancouver Titans VS. San Francisco Shock

The rematch we’ve all been waiting for. The Shock took the loss in the first stage playoff hard, and have come back stronger than any other team in the history of the league, having a true perfect stage without even dropping a map. Vancouver, on the other hand, has been consistently dominant all year, winning every single match up until this point. Very few look like they have what it takes to stop them. If anyone can do it, though, it is the Shock. Their last match pushed each other to the absolute limit, and I would expect nothing less from two teams with so much on the line. San Francisco solidifies the rivalry and takes down Vancouver in the finals 4-3.

Are you excited for the Stage Playoffs? What else would you like us to cover next? Let us know in the comments down below and make sure to Like, Share, and Subscribe for more Bring Your Own Games.

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