Sony Announces Television and Movie Division for Video Games

Kratos, On the Silver Screen

Recently Sony announced that they are opening a new division in their pantheon of studios. Marking the first time a concentrated effort has been made to bring quality adaptations of Video Games to life in movie and television format. With the success of Detective Pikachu, the most successful film adaptation of any video game ever, aside from maybe the Mortal Kombat Movies in the 90’s, a viable audience has been noticed with Hollywood. With the amount of high quality stories and IP’s the studio has exclusively, it is exciting to see what the studio looks to add to these franchises.

Some things we already know to be confirmed, and some we can expect to come not long after the first wave of content hits. We already know thanks to IGN that the dormant franchise Twisted Metal is receiving its own TV show. Also in development is the already announced, starring Spider-Man’s Tom Holland as a younger Nathan Drake. What we can expect though, may be more exciting than what we know of right now. A potential God of War or Horizon Zero Dawn movie would be absolutely phenomenal, even other games such as a Crash Bandicoot, or Sly Cooper (Please let there be a Sly Cooper series) Television series could work phenomenal well in this type of format. Seeing a crime of the week series where Sly and the gang travel to different parts of the world setting up and pulling off incredible heists could make for a great kids show and pay the best homage to the series in years. Not to mention the strong narratives in their more recent games, if there is an Uncharted movie coming, why not a movie for the Last of Us? The game of a generation surely will get the official movie treatment sooner rather than later.

This new step for Sony sets a brand new precedent in the video game industry, one that we may see video game companies respond well to. Nintendo has seen success with the aforementioned Detective Pikachu movie, and there is potential for a legitimate cinematic rival to that of the Marvel Universe in depth and personality with Nintendo’s deep backlog of properties. Nintendo isn’t the only company with cinematic potential though, companies like Blizzard and Ubisoft have shown an interest in making movies out of their video games, and a company that respects the source material and attempts to do justice to the lore rather than make a quick buck may prove more fruitful for every company involved. Ubisoft could make a high action, and highly suspenseful Tom Clancy series of movies based off of the video games, Blizzard games are so deep with lore that even one game (Overwatch) has enough lore potential for a cinematic universe on its own.

Very rarely does a video game movie make headlines for other reasons than it is bad and you should avoid it, Sony is looking to change that while spreading their brand to more people in more places. Where this will lead has yet to be seen. All of this content may be exclusive to Sony’s television service PlayStation Vue, or it may expand to more areas. Netflix has shown that they aren’t afraid to take a risk with adapting video games and turning them into high quality television. The Castlevania series is incredible and does fantastic justice to the series as a whole while building on to the lore already established in the games. If Sony can replicate that, then we may see a golden age of video games crossing over into the main stream like we have never seen before.

The success will all depend on how faithfully they adapt the existing games without losing the elements that draw the main audience there in the first place. Finding that balance is difficult, but achievable, recent major successes may show a turning tide toward more quality content when adapting a video game for movies or TV, but whether or not any of this is possible depends on this initiative and the quality of the content they produce. For now though, we will just have to wait and see what comes our way and how good it is. But for real though, A good Sly Cooper series would be PERFECT please give it to me.

Are you excited for Sony’s foray in mixing video games and cinema? What else would you like us to cover? Let us know in the comments down below and make sure to Like, Share, and Subscribe for more Bring Your Own Games!

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