E3 2019 Schedule

Back and Better than Ever

It is almost time for E3 and this year looks packed! While this year looks to be much different compared to the conferences of the past, there is still plenty to be excited for. All of the companies in attendance will be bringing out all of the big guns to steal the show now that Sony has bowed out of this year’s presentations. And Bring Your Own Games will have all of your coverage starting this week!

Today, Wednesday, and Thursday will be our last articles before jumping into our E3 predictions. Today will be your Overwatch Article for the week, Wednesday is the last Sony sarticle before E3, and Thursday will be a fun surprise to have some fun before we get into the nitty gritty.

The Official BYOG Schedule for this week and the week of E3 are as follows:

Friday May 31: EA Predictions for their two day state of play event.

Saturday June 1: Microsoft predictions

Sunday June 2: Our Bethesda predictions will be coming

Monday June 3: Our E3 Coverage takes a break for the day so we can talk Overwatch League on the brand new patch for the first time.

Tuesday June 4: Ubisoft’s predictions

Wednesday June 5: Square Enix Prediction article

Thursday June 6: Our prediction series will end with Nintendo wrapping up the week

Friday June 7: Both Andrew and I (Chris) will be doing a top 10 prediction article each, two articles on the same day, at the end we’ll see who got more right.

Saturday June 8: Your Weekly Rewind for the week before E3 will be out.

Sunday June 9: There will be both Microsoft and Bethesda Reaction articles summarizing all of the announcements not long after the end of each respective conference. * EA’s two day event concludes today and an article will follow whenever the major announcements are, Saturday or Sunday.

Monday June 10: We have three articles coming for you that day, Ubisoft’s press conference starts at 4pm, The Square Enix press conference starts at 9pm and somewhere in between those articles your first official Overwatch League Power Rankings for stage 3 will be coming out.

Tuesday June 11: Nintendo’s conference starts at noon eastern and the article will go up shortly after it concludes.

Wednesday June 12 & Thursday June 13: Andrew will be reporting from the show floor and talking about his experiences

Friday June 14: Both Andrew and I will be talking about our top 10 moments from the show this year.

Saturday June 15: Your weekly rewind comes with a special E3 twist this year.

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