Who Are The Final 4 Smash Ultimate DLC Characters?

The Ultimate Guessing Game

With E3 fast approaching, we know that three things in life are inevitable, Death, Taxes, and new Smash Brothers characters coming at some point. The first DLC character, Joker, from Persona 5 was announced almost 6 months ago at the Game Awards, since then we have heard nothing about anyone else coming to the game. With all that gray area we have plenty of room to speculate and take wild guesses that will more than likely be wrong, but hey that’s the fun of E3. The more wild the guess the better, make sure to leave your guesses in the comments down below too! Now, lets get into the list.

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Least Likely

Sora was once an extremely popular pick to come to the game because of his huge fanbase and surprising history on Nintendo consoles. However, the more time goes on, the worse it looks for one of Square Enix’s biggest characters in the west.

Sora GIF
Credit: Giphy

While it wouldn’t be the biggest surprise in the world to see Travis Touchdown appear as a DLC character, he would seemingly be a controversial pick. A character that doesn’t have a huge history or following getting in over characters fans have been begging for would feel like an odd choice, still possible, but still an odd choice.

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Credit: Gfycat

Doom Guy is an icon in the gaming industry and he is a character that helped revolutionize the First Person Shooter Genre and help make it what it is today. And, with Doom’s super successful revival culminating to the rebooted game being ported to the switch and the newest game in the franchise Doom Eternal coming to the Switch on the same day as other console is huge. The Doom Marine though just doesn’t have the aesthetic fit that the rest of the characters in the series do. Doom Guy is the most likely of these first 3, but he seems a little too dangerous for squeaky clean Nintendo.

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Minecraft is one of the biggest games ever, with millions of people playing and consuming that content, it is hard to imagine Nintendo not wanting to try and make some money off of that community, Steve is one of the biggest characters in gaming history and arguably could hold his own weight in the pantheon of hall of fame characters in Smash.

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Credit: Giphy

Devil May Cry is having a recent resurgence in popularity with the success of Devil May Cry 5 and now the port of the Original Devil May Cry coming to the switch, Capcom is making bank off of the DMC franchise right now and putting Danteh in Smash would be the perfect way to capitalize on it.

Image result for devil may cry 5 dante gif
Credit: Gfycat

This one is probably more of a wish on my end, but Tracer would be a perfect fit for Smash. Overwatch is one of the most popular shooters in the west and is growing in notoriety with the Overwatch League. Blizzard has been working with Nintendo more in recent years, and adding Blizzard’s most recent mascot would only soidify the relationship more.

Most Likely

The protagonist for Fire Emblem Three Houses is almost assured a spot on the roster, it is great promotion for the game and it makes sense, if they can figure out a new way to do the character then I am all for it, but if this character ends up feeling like a copy and paste of other Fire Emblem characters I will be fairly disappointed.

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Credit: RPG Site

Rumors have been swirling for months about the Dragon Quest 11 Protagonist coming to smash, there is almost, for certain, another Square Enix character coming to the game, and it looks like this character is the clear front runner. Dragon Quest is extremely popular in Japan and is commonly considered to be the Final Fantasy of the East. Announcing a character from a game already announced to release on the Switch would definetly help boost sales

Image result for dragon quest 11 hero gif
Credit: Gfycat

Let’s just say, with the help of games like Yooka-Laylee, the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy, and the Spyro Remastered games doing relatively well sales wise all the way around, I think Banjo and Kazooie might just have a bigger summer in store than people expect. Getting into smash might only be the beginning for this Bear and Bird duo.

Image result for banjo and kazooie gif
Credit: Giphy

Who do you think is going to be in Super Smash Brothers? What would you like us to cover next? Let us know in the comments down below, and make sure to like, share and subscribe for more Bring Your Own Games.

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