5 Bold Predictions for the Xbox E3 2019 Press Conference

With Sony skipping out on E3 this year and Nintendo keeping its tradition of not having a traditional press conference, all eyes are focused on Microsoft this year. This year’s E3 will be one of their most important ever, and they plan to go big for it. Here are 5 bold predictions for what we can expect to see at the Xbox E3 conference this year.

1. It will be their longest conference ever

Back in January, following Sony’s announcement to skip E3 this year, head of Xbox Phil Spencer stated that “we’re going to go and be as big at E3 as we’ve ever been.” More recently, Spencer tweeted out that there will be 14 Xbox Game Studios games at the conference this year, more first party games shown off than ever before. These things, coupled with the fact that Xbox will show off a number of third party games, discuss xCloud and Game Pass, and possibly reveal the specs of their next-gen consoles would reaffirm Spencer’s statement about going big this year at E3. With all these things to discuss and reveal, I’m betting that the conference will fall in just under 2 hours long this year.

2. Ninja Theory’s new game will come out Early 2020

Ninja Theory’s new game, rumored to be called “Bleeding Edge” has been in development for a few years now. Development for their next game started shortly after the release of their critically-acclaimed game Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. With their new game having been in development for years now, this E3 we’ll get the official reveal of the game. There have been varying rumors about what the game is about or will feature, but almost all of the rumors seem to state that the game is some sort of multiplayer science fiction melee game. More details will almost definitely be revealed at the show and I expect to see a short gameplay video followed by the reveal that it’s coming out in Early 2020.

3. Xbox Anaconda specs will be revealed and they’ll be better than the PS5’s

Part of what made the Xbox One much less successful than the PS4 this generation was that the specs of the launch-day Xbox One were weaker than the PS4’s. Microsoft rectified that mistake in 2017 when they launched the Xbox One X in 2017. Since then, the Xbox One X has been the most powerful console on the market. With Microsoft currently lacking the amount of high quality exclusives that Sony has, they won’t want to let Sony have the upper hand with hardware ever again. Sony revealed the specs of the PS5 a recently, so I think Microsoft will reveal the specs of their higher-end next gen Xbox at E3 and they will be higher than the PS5’s specs, but not much higher. It’s unlikely that we’ll get a price, release date, or even see what the console looks like yet, but I expect a trailer similar to the reveal trailer for the Xbox One X.

4. A new Splinter Cell game will be teased

This one might just be wishful thinking, but I think we’ll see a tease for a new Splinter Cell game at the show and a reveal that the game is coming out next year, and the full reveal will come at the Ubisoft press conference the following day. Splinter Cell has been making some noise lately, starting last year when there was a Splinter Cell crossover in Ghost Recon Wildlands. More recently, three Splinter Cell games were announced to be getting Xbox One X enhancements on the same day that the Fable games were announced to be receiving Xbox One X enhancements. Combine all that with the “joke” that creative director at Ubisoft Julian Gerighty recently made on Twitter all just seems a little too suspicious for it to be nothing. As they say, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

5. The conference will end with the reveal of Fable 4

Last year, Cyberpunk 2077 closed out the Xbox 2018 E3 conference with the re-reveal CD Projekt’s new game, Cyberpunk 2077. This year, Microsoft will do the same thing with Fable 4. Playground Games has long been rumored to be working the next Fable game, which could be a reboot of the whole franchise. Last year, Phil Spencer teased at E3 that people would soon be hearing about next game from Playground Games, but almost a year has gone by and no new information has come out about it. To close out the show, Microsoft will have their reveal of their more powerful next-gen Xbox, and what better way to show off the power of their higher skewed next-gen console, than to show Xbox fans a new Fable game running on next-gen hardware? I think that at the end of the reveal for Fable 4, Microsoft will say that the game will launch with the next-generation of Xbox consoles.

For more E3 predictions and coverage, be sure to stick with us here at BYOG, where we aim to bring you the latest gaming news. Let us know some of your predictions or what you think of these predictions in the comments.

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