Bethesda E3 Predictions!

Recovering From the Fallout

Bethesda has found themselves in new territory this year, for the first time in quite a while, their reputation has been hit very hard by the release of Fallout 76 and all of the mistakes made by the company in launching that game. Now people are looking more critically at the company rather than forgiving the bugs and natural flaws that come with making games the size and scope of their ambition. However, it isn’t all gloom and doom (well some Doom, but that’s exciting) there are games yet to come this year and in the coming years to be excited for. While Starfield is confirmed to not appear this year, it is the next massive game from Bethesda Studios to come out, there are plenty of games in between now and that time though. And we will surely hear about them in the coming week.

Fallout 76 Gets a Massive Update

Bethesda has remained committed to improving upon their massive failure from last year, E3 is the perfect time to do a massive content drop, adding quests, and other big fixes needed to try and start bringing that player base back. This could be the fix that saves the game and starts to put it back on track, or it only makes things worse for the game. It doesn’t really feel like there is a middle ground here. The game is already so controversial that this will either be a major turnaround, or potentially the final nail in the coffin for the game.

Doom Eternal Gets A Release Date

Doom has been a massive success for Bethesda since it was rebooted in 2016. At E3 last year we were first shown Doom Eternal, with more info coming with Quake Con earlier this year. That time came and went and we got some very hype trailers. Now that we have seen so much of the game, it feels like ID is getting ready to finally ship the game. Hopefully the game releases this year, it is assumed that the game should be coming this year, but things can always change.

Rage 2 DLC Drops Same Day

Rage 2 released to mixed reviews earlier this year, and Bethesda is hoping to generate a lot of interest quickly. There is no better way than releasing a hype new trailer and saying it is playable after the conference. They have done this before but never quite on this scale. Having an expansion drop along with the first trailer, but it could just work. We already know that Rise Of The Ghosts is coming in Summer of this year, so why not release it on the biggest stage?

The Evil Within 3 is Announced

Shinji Mikami, the Evil Within’s director recently revealed that he would be at E3 this year. This has started getting people hyped for the prospect of a new Evil Within game. It has been two years since the last game was released, and while it is not likely that the game itself will release this year, it may be time to announce the game. Which is exciting all by itself.

Starfield Receives a Cinematic Trailer

Bethesda knows how to put on a show. Last year’s E3 was one of their best yet, due in no small part to how they ended the conference reminding people of both Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI. Bethesda also knows they need to really have a good showing this year. And, while gameplay is out of the picture, a cinematic trailer to show the universe off a little bit and acquaint people to what they can expect from the game may be exactly what the fans need right now. At least one can hope.

What do you think Bethesda has planned for E3? What would you like us to cover next? Let us know in the comments down below and make sure to Like, Share, and Subscribe for more Bring Your Own Games.

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