Square Enix E3 Predictions

Square Enix, Assemble!

While last year proved to be fairly disappointing for many people when Square Enix took the stage last year with a short conference with nothing much to show. This year we only really know a few things for sure. Final Fantasy VII just got a new trailer and we already have confirmation of some things, but there is still a lot of mystery to this press conference and what can be shown. Square Enix arguably has the lowest bar to clear, and they may just end up stealing the show if they play their cards right.

Final Fantasy VII Episode 1 Gets a Release Date

The Final Fantasy VII remake has been a long time coming, announced in 2015 alongside Kingdom Hearts III, we have just recently been getting more and more news from the game. The game is confirmed to be episodic, and depending on how much they fit into a chapter, the first episode could come as early as this year. I think Final Fantasy VII Remake will first launch in December of this year, and the fans will be hyped.

Kingdom Hearts Gets Its First Ever DLC

Image result for kingdom hearts 3 gif
Credit: Gfycat

Kingdom Hearts has already been confirmed to have content being worked on since launch. Since January, a more difficult mode, Critical mode was added, a heavily requested feature that upped the difficulty significantly from the former highest difficulty Proud mode. We still don’t know what DLC will look like for this game though, will there just be more missions? Could there be another world entirely added? Who knows, we are getting something, but details will be sparse until the conference.

The New Avengers Game is Shown Off

While it already leaked and has been confirmed by Square Enix to be at the show, my prediction is that this is the longest trailer we see of the show. It will probably be at the beginning or the middle of the conference and it will be an extended look. Riding the high after Avengers: Endgame this is the perfect time to go in depth on what this game is and more importantly when you can play it.

Bravely Third Announced

Image result for bravely second gif
Credit: Rebloggy

We’ve heard rumors of a new Bravely Default game coming for a little while now. It was rumored to be shown off at last year’s E3 which didn’t happen. And, after the success of Octopath Traveler on the switch, Square Enix is even more inclined to finish the game, and release it exclusively on the Switch. This will probably be announced for 2020, so I wouldn’t expect it soon, but I think this is the year we see it.

Final Fantasy XVI Announced

Image result for final Fantasy XV gif
Credit: Giphy

Final Fantasy XV was one of the fastest and best selling game in the series. The game released almost 3 years ago and there has to be something planned and coming. It probably won’t be for a while yet, I have a feeling the most we’ll see is a logo, but that would be about it. Only a confirmation that the game is being made, but no real hard details.

What do you think Square Enix will show at E3? What do you want us to cover next? Let us know in the comments down below and make sure to Like, Share, and Subscribe for more Bring Your Own Games.

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