Chris’s Top 10 E3 Predictions 2019

Its The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

E3 Starts tomorrow but we still have plenty to say about what we could see this year. Both Andrew and I have our own final predictions to give and boy are they hot takes. Even though we have covered a lot of stuff already, we both have 10 more predictions for games that we think can or will show up at E3 whether they have been confirmed or not. If we missed any of the big games this year check one of our previous articles to see if we nailed it or not. But for now, let’s jump into the list.

Kid Icarus is Back and Better Than Ever

Nintendo has a big year planned with a lot of games, but games after 2019 seem sparse. We know about Bayonetta 3 and Metroid Prime 4 but that is about it. Kid Icarus was revived on the 3DS and has since become known to be a cult hit for its excellent writing and fun gameplay. And since Super Smash Brothers Ultimate has already helped refresh their memory of Pit and his world. Seeing the first console version of a Kid Icarus game since the original NES could be amazing.

WB Montreal Announces Batman Beyond

We know WB Montreal is working on a new Batman game in some way. It is assumed to be another entry in the Arkham series, but what if the developers wanted to go in a completely different direction? Batman Beyond has had a lasting legacy of one of the defining eras of Batman that hardly gets as much attention as other iterations of Batman. There is a desire to see something in that universe again, and it could be the perfect way to start fresh from Rocksteady’s era of making the classic Arkham series. Any game released under the Arkham title will be judged along with its predecessors and it will be hard to hit the same highs as some of the older games. Going in a new direction and carving a path out for themselves may just be the best option for them.

Skull and Bones Gets a Release Date

Ubisoft announced this game two years ago at E3 and have given us a major update last year at E3, but now it is time to see a release date. If this game doesn’t get a release date or even show up at the event, it could mean trouble for the game. Ubisoft’s pirate game should finally see the light of day. Let’s all just hope it was worth the wait.

Even More Ports for the Switch.

The Switch is known as a port machine, and developers are figuring out how to fit their games on this console easier and easier now. We have seeing plenty of big titles announced to come to the Switch at the same time as other games, and we may be able to see some bigger name games come to the system. The Witcher 3 is heavily discussed when talking about new games coming to the Switch. And Paladins has been on the Switch, so it is known that the system could handle the infrastructure of the game, the graphics would have to be downgraded, but it could feasibly work. And, why not throw in Persona 5 too, it would be cool if they announced the Switch version will release alongside the English PS4 version due out in 2020. This could still give Sony exclusivity, but also expand the audience of the game. We may see one or all of these games. We may not see any of these games in particular, but I can almost guarantee Some big games will still be coming to the Switch.

Banjo-Kazooie Comes Back Strong

Banjo and Kazooie has seen a major resurgence in popularity with games like Yooka-Laylee (Especially with a sequel announced today!), the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, and the Spyro Reignited Trilogy releasing in the past few years. And with the potential upcoming inclusion of Banjo and Kazooie into Super Smash Brothers, now would be the perfect time to announce that a collection of sorts is coming to all consoles, or maybe if Microsoft wants to be petty, everywhere except PlayStation. There is hypothetically no better time to announce this game at Microsoft’s longest E3 press conference ever. This could even be shown during Nintendo’s direct to help hype up the inclusion of the character into Smash but that is a coin flip at best.

Microsoft and Nintendo Team Up to Take Down Sony

Microsoft and Nintendo have developed a mutually beneficial relationship together for almost a year now. This is the heap of games that are cross-play compatible between the two systems, the banter on twitter and the now notorious ” Our Friends at Microsoft” line from Nintendo’s most recent direct back in February when Cuphead was announced to be coming to the Switch. We know that the Switch will incorporate Xbox Live into its functionality, and Gamepass has been rumored to be coming to Switch, until it wasn’t. But now Gamepass is coming to PC which means the option of Gamepass coming to Switch has opened up again. We may even see some Nintendo games come to Gamepass as a result if Nintendo is feeling frisky. That option seems seriously unlikely considering Nintendo’s notorious stinginess when it comes to their first party games. But, we can definetly see both companies sharing a stage at some point to talk about their partnership.

Gears 5 This Year?

Gears 5 debuted last year on Microsoft’s stage with an in depth look at the characters and what the game world in general will be. The game looked pretty far along in development and it may even be its last E3 before releasing. Gears 5 is a game the could bridge the gap between the Xbox One and whatever comes next for Microsoft. Halo 5 could launch the system, with Gears 5 being the last big game to come to the system. It may bee coming sooner than we think, it has been 3 years since we have seen the last Gears game, could this year be the year?

Sony Still Tries To Steal The Show

Never one to be bashful, Sony somehow almost always manages to steal the show in some way at E3. While it is confirmed that Sony will have no official presence at E3, there is nothing saying they can’t drop some information in the same way that they did with Death Stranding. Maybe the Last of Us Part II somehow shows up again with a new trailer and release date? Who knows, Sony may decide to do nothing at all which is what we should expect from them, but the optimist in me hopes that some sort of Sony news comes up from this conference.

Ubisoft and Nintendo Team Up Again

Nintendo has been generous with their games series in comparison to past years and generations in Nintendo’s history. Both Nintendo and Ubisoft were surprised to see how well received Mario + Rabbids do in general. That relationship carried over into Starlink: Battle for Atlas where the Starfox crew crossed over. Now we are coming up on our yearly Ubsoft and Nintendo collaboration and I hope it is a new franchise they are working with. Whether it be Donkey Kong, Kirby, or even a F-Zero game, something new would be great. More than likely we will be getting Mario + Rabbids 2, which wouldn’t be a bad thing, but it wouldn’t be as exciting as something new.

We See Retro’s Project Before Metroid Prime 4.

Retro Studios was radio silent for a long time before formally beginning development on Metroid prime 4, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze was ported over to the Switch, but that was the last we had heard of them. There were rumors floating around from a new horror game to a Starfox racing game. While the later seems more likely, we have no clue what it really was. Hopefully Retro was able to finish the game and finally reveal it to the public. It would be a shame if this game that they have spent so much time working on never saw the light of day. Here’s hoping the game gets an official reveal and release date this year in Nintendo’s direct.

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