Xbox E3 2019 Reactions!

Two Words: Keanu Reeves

Xbox kicked off this year’s E3 with an almost 2 hour long presentation, detailing information of what is coming not only this year but mainly next year in 2020. Not only did we find out about the release of plenty of new games, but we also got some of that precious hardware news that we were so dying for. There is a lot to unpack in this presentation, so let’s just get to it.

The presentation started out strong out the gates, with trailers for games from many of the companies acquired by Microsoft last year. Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds kicked off the show, showing off a beautiful and bright world with a heavy neon influence that just works really well, it is due out October 25. After that we saw the leaked game from Ninja Theory called Bleeding Edge, which looks very similar to Overwatch, except with more of a focus on melee combat rather than shooting mechanics.

We saw a flurry of games come shortly after including Ori and the Will of the Wisps (Coming February 11, 2020) Minecraft Dungeons, which looks like it was inspired by Diablo. A new Blair Witch game was announced with no release date, and then came the showstopper to end showstoppers.We get a trailer of Cyberpunk 2077, easily one of the most hyped games of this generation, and the trailer ends with the reveal of Keanu Reeves as a character in the game. After that, the real Keanu walks out on stage and announces that Cyberpunk 2077 is coming April 16, 2020.

After the big announcement, many smaller games were shown off, including Spiritfarer, Battletoads, and Psychonauts 2, which the developer, Double Fine, was revealed to now be owned by Microsoft game studios. Other notable games announced during this time were DBZ Kakarot, 12 Minutes, and Way to the Woods. Mixed in there are various indie, and third party games that were already known to be coming.

To begin the end of the show, Gears 5 Bound By Blood got an official release date of September 10, showing off more story and multiplayer elements, including a new game mode called escape, where you… escape from something obviously. We also saw an increased Eastern influence in this year’s presentation, with Phantasy Star Online 2 announced to be coming to the Xbox One along with Tales of Arise, the newest chapter in the beloved JRPG. After that we saw the confirmation of the new game coming from From Software and George R.R. Martin, called Eldin Ring. The details of this game leaked opreviously but the showcase confirmed that it is indeed set in Norse mythology and it looks beautiful.

There was also lots of talk on hardware and features for the Xbox family of systems. Many new games were added to gamepass, such as Borderlands, the Handsome Jack Collection, Metro Exodus, and Hollow Knight. Quite pssoibly the most exciting announcement was that Gamepass on PC is available right now. The next Xbox got teased as well, with a developer commentary hyping up what is to come with the next system. Nothing extremely official is announced, aside from the fact that we know the next Xbox will be coming Holdiay 2020.

Launching aside the system will be Halo Infinte, which looks more and more like the spiritual reboot everyone keeps talking about. Seeing a representation of what we can expect it to look like when it launches alongside the next Xbox was stunning, and the trailer itself was very well done.

Xbox had a lot to show at this years presentation and yet there are still some questions, where is the Fable game teased by Phil Spencer last year in the Showcase? Where is Banjo and Kazooie to follow up on the various merchandise that has been made for them recently? We may not find out those answers this week, but we can all appreciate what we did get, which is a full and meaningful conference filled with information for gamers of every style.

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