Bethesda E3 2019 Reactions!

The Bethesda Apology Tour

After last year’s horrendous launch of Fallout 76 and the company proceeding to fall flat on its face, E3 is Bethesda’s big chance to win the fans back and make right what they did wrong. If they actually have done it yet has yet to be seen. However tonight was a good start for the company, they seemed to have listened to what the players wanted and hit a few high marks, especially with the in house crowd. Some games made notable reappearances and both of Bethesda’s new franchises are looking like quality entries in to the lofty catalog the company has built up.

Elder Scrolls always has a major presence at E3 in Bethesda’s showcase. With the different side projects launched to retain the audience it always takes a considerable amount of time. Elder Scrolls Blades had a new major update announced, along with the reveal of the game coming to the switch. Elder Scrolls Online’s newest expansion, titled Dragonhold, expands the game again and includes more dragons and exactly what Elder Scrolls fans love to see. Elder Scrolls Legends also recieved a new trailier and information regarding the game.

One of the biggest announcements for the night was Fallout 76 and the heao of new gameplay it is getting. Finally human NPCs will be added along with quest lines and dialogue. Not only that, but the game also is receiving a free battle royale mode where you use the base building mechanics of Fallout 4 and survive not only other players, but monsters in the wasteland as well. Rage 2’s new DLC was shown off and while it was interesting enough, it didn’t show too much off before the DLC launches later this summer. Commander Keen, an archived Id game has been revived as a free to play mobile game, and it went about as well as one would expect.

While Bethesda lived up to their promise of no Starfield or Elder Scrolls VI, there was still plenty shown off of their other big name games in the show. Wolfenstein showed off both Cyberpilot, their VR game, and Youngblood, Both expansions on the original game were impressive in style and scope, and even though there was no Wolfenstein 3, there was plenty of other Wolfentein content to last until next year.

Bethesda’s new games shown off during the conference were by far the highlights of the show. Ghostwire Tokyo, made by the same team that makes The Evil Within showed off an extremely interesting story about the people of Tokyo going missing and the world they have created looks seriously intriguing. Possibly the most exciting announcement of the night was Arkane Studio (Dishonored)premiering their new game Deathloop. It is an interesting look at an ever evolving game between to characters. The details of how the game is played are still unknown, but it looks extremely interesting. Finally Bethesda closed on its biggest game of the year, Doom Eternal. We’ve already seen so much about this game but every time more is shown I get even more hyped to play it. Building on the reboot’s base game and expanding on it and providing new things to do and ways to play in the world is exactly what everybody wants from this game.

While there weren’t very many huge reveals at this press conference and some of Bethesda’s biggest games skipped this year, it was still a solid press conference, what was shown looked like it was fun and worth playing if are already invested in the franchise or could be invested in the franchise. The updates given show that Bethesda is listening and trying to make things right with the mistakes that they have made, but the new games shown also show that they haven’t been scared off of making anything new, the games shown today were bold and artistically stand out against its peers. Bethesda looks like it has taken last year on the chin, listened to the feedback and criticism and are genuinely trying to make the best game possible for their audience. 2018 was a rough year but it is still good to be a Bethesda fan.

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