Nintendo E3 Direct Reactions!

Oh So Much Good News Nintendo is in the middle of having a very big year for them. Super Smash Brothers was a huge release at the end of last year, and it has continued into this year. We have gotten relatively little news this year from NIntendo in general. There has only been one... Continue Reading →

Square Enix 2019 E3 Reactions!

Show of the Conference? Square Enix came in to this year with a lot of doubters riding them. Last year's conference was a flop and didn't provide much of anything for fans to enjoy. This year is a different story though, Square Enix played all the hits. From Remakes, to Remasters, to original new games,... Continue Reading →

Ubisoft E3 2019 Reactions!

I Heard You Like Tom Clancy? Ubisoft's conference for E3 2019 is officially in the books and it was packed with plenty of games. The new watchdogs was finally shown off and it looks great, it was a great year to be a fan of Tom Clancy games, and Just Dance 2020 is coming to... Continue Reading →

Xbox E3 2019 Reactions!

Two Words: Keanu Reeves Xbox kicked off this year's E3 with an almost 2 hour long presentation, detailing information of what is coming not only this year but mainly next year in 2020. Not only did we find out about the release of plenty of new games, but we also got some of that precious... Continue Reading →

Nintendo’s E3 Direct Predictions!

Nintendo is stacked with games this year and we are starting to get release dates on some of them, but we have yet to hear about dates for the rest of them. We already know about Fire Emblem and Super Mario Maker 2, they are approaching rather quickly. However, it's games like Animal Crossing that... Continue Reading →

Square Enix E3 Predictions

Square Enix, Assemble! While last year proved to be fairly disappointing for many people when Square Enix took the stage last year with a short conference with nothing much to show. This year we only really know a few things for sure. Final Fantasy VII just got a new trailer and we already have confirmation... Continue Reading →

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