What’s wrong with the Smash community?

Toxic is as Toxic Does This past weekend at EVO 2018 Super SMash Brothers for Wii U appeared for what is likely to be the last time on that stage. While there was plenty of good to talk about, there is also plenty of bad. The crowds at EVO went through two stages of being... Continue Reading →


What Will Hammond do to Competitive?

He came in like a Wrecking Ball With the announcement and subsequent release of Wrecking Ball, or Hammond, to the PTR the Overwatch community has gone nuts over this new tank hero that is going to switch up the meta. Hammond is a highly mobile tank hero, with machine-gun-esque aspects, his kit is bizarre to... Continue Reading →

Mario Tennis Aces premiering at… EVO?

The Smash hit tennis game that doesn't lob any victories your way. The new Mario Tennis Aces game has undoubtedly been a success after its recent launch. Aces is built in the same vein as their other aspiring competitive games Arms and Splatoon, where the story is meant as an introduction to the game mechanics.... Continue Reading →

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