April’s Inside Xbox Breakdown

Microsoft streamed their latest episode of Inside Xbox bringing in a slew of new announcements for hardware, games, and services. The show also teased Xbox's E3 Press Conference which is scheduled for June 9th at 1 PM Pacific. Let's break down some of the big new things heading to Xbox down the road. Game Pass... Continue Reading →

Predicting the Next Nintendo Direct.

Good thing Nintendo isn't a boat... With all the leaks recently it is hard to imagine we will go much longer without an official announcement of a direct from one of the biggest companies in Video Games. After Best Buy leaked multiple important items that Nintendo has yet to reveal, it seems fairly safe to... Continue Reading →

Weekly Rewind: 3/31 – 4/6/19

It's been another slow week in the gaming industry, but that doesn't mean it's come without any news. Here's some of the news you might have missed this week. Xbox rumored to revealing new subscription called Game Pass Ultimate We start with some of the most recent news of this week as yesterday notable Microsoft... Continue Reading →

Is 2019 The Year of Travis Touchdown?

Suda51 Strikes Again Last year, Travis Touchdown was almost a distant memory of video games past, having had no games since the Wii era. However, 2019 is a new year and apparently Suda51 is ready to let the No More Heroes franchise run wild once again. After releasing a generally passed over side game, it... Continue Reading →

Google Stadia, is it the Future?

Hi, my name is who? My name is, what? My name is... Stadia. A little over a week ago, Google officially announced their new entry into the game industry. Holding an hour long press conference, and while we finally learned about what Google has been working on, getting all that information raises many more questions.... Continue Reading →

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