Retro Review: Super Mario RPG

And now for something... completely different? Super Mario RPG is widely regarded as one of the greatest crossover games of all time. AN unlikely pairing of Square Soft and Nintendo brings this classic game to life in Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars. A perfect mix of Square's influence in Mario's world makes... Continue Reading →

Pokemon Snap: Retro Review

Gotta... Snap'em all? We are in the midst of the age of nostalgia. TV shows, Movies, even Video games are being rebooted to massive acclaim. Some titles have been revived in their full glory for people to experience all over again. The Crash N'sane Trilogy is a great example of bringing an old franchise back... Continue Reading →

Celeste Review (Spoilers!)

Scale the Mountain in your heart. From the moment you start the game "Celeste" oozes nostalgia. The music, the graphics, the gameplay, it all blends together beautifully to create a world where you forget you are playing a game that looks like it could have been made 20 years ago compared to the hyper realistic... Continue Reading →

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