Overwatch League Stage 3 Preview Power Rankings

2-2-Too bad We are officially on the back half of this season of the Overwatch League, now that Stage 2 is over and the All-Star Weekend festivities are over, it is time for all the teams to get serious and start playing for the playoffs, because now this marathon has turned into a sprint and... Continue Reading →

Overwatch League Stage 2 Recap

Rivalry Cemented Stage 2 is officially in the books and we are now half way through the 2019 season! After 2 stages of intense action we can safely say we have a clear picture of who the true contenders for the championship are, and who may be close if more playoff shenanigans happen like last... Continue Reading →

Overwatch League Power Rankings Stage 2 Week 1

*Looks Left**Looks Right* "Hey, wanna go GOATS?" Stage 2 is officially underway! With the new patch, and most important;y, new hero Baptiste, you would thin the landscape would be completely different. However, so far it has been a lot of the same. More compositions have come into play, with bunker compositions becoming more prevalent with... Continue Reading →

Overwatch League 2019 Stage 2 Power Rankings

New Patch, Same Goats? 20.Florida Mayhem Season: 1-6 Credit: Liquipedia Florida lost to Washington in the very last week of stage 1. This is a contenders team compared to the higher end talent in the league. Expect this team to continue their mediocrity into Stage 2. 19.Los Angeles Valiant Season 0-7 Credit: Liquipedia With a... Continue Reading →

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