Overwatch League Stage 3 Preview Power Rankings

2-2-Too bad We are officially on the back half of this season of the Overwatch League, now that Stage 2 is over and the All-Star Weekend festivities are over, it is time for all the teams to get serious and start playing for the playoffs, because now this marathon has turned into a sprint and... Continue Reading →

Overwatch League Stage 2 Recap

Rivalry Cemented Stage 2 is officially in the books and we are now half way through the 2019 season! After 2 stages of intense action we can safely say we have a clear picture of who the true contenders for the championship are, and who may be close if more playoff shenanigans happen like last... Continue Reading →

Overwatch League Dallas Homestand Wrap-Up

Dallas Propane and Propane Accessories. The first official home games in the Overwatch League's history have wrapped up and it was quite the eventful weekend, and while only less than half of the teams participated throughout the weekend it still provided some really interesting games. Because only 8 teams played this week there will be... Continue Reading →

Overwatch League Power Rankings Stage 2 Week 1

*Looks Left**Looks Right* "Hey, wanna go GOATS?" Stage 2 is officially underway! With the new patch, and most important;y, new hero Baptiste, you would thin the landscape would be completely different. However, so far it has been a lot of the same. More compositions have come into play, with bunker compositions becoming more prevalent with... Continue Reading →

Overwatch League 2019 Stage 2 Power Rankings

New Patch, Same Goats? 20.Florida Mayhem Season: 1-6 Credit: Liquipedia Florida lost to Washington in the very last week of stage 1. This is a contenders team compared to the higher end talent in the league. Expect this team to continue their mediocrity into Stage 2. 19.Los Angeles Valiant Season 0-7 Credit: Liquipedia With a... Continue Reading →

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