Weekly Rewind 6/2 – 6/8/19

It's been somewhat of a quiet week as a lot of developers have been saving their announcements for E3. Nonetheless though, there has been a fair amount of gaming news this week, particularly in the form of leaks of announcements that have been saved for E3 this year. Here are some things you might have... Continue Reading →

Apex Legends hits 50 million players

Apex Legends hit a big milestone yesterday as Respawn Entertainment announced that the game has reached 50 million players in the 28 days that it has been out. The success that Apex has seen is astounding as it is quickly cementing itself as a certified hit for Respawn and EA. While Fortnite still dwarfs Apex... Continue Reading →

Apex Legends Review

On February 5th, a new battle royale game was released seemingly out of the blue by Titanfall series developer Respawn. That game has now taken the world by storm and its called Apex Legends. But just how good Apex Legends though and could it possibly be a worthy competitor to Fortnite, the king of the... Continue Reading →

Mario Tennis Aces premiering at… EVO?

The Smash hit tennis game that doesn't lob any victories your way. The new Mario Tennis Aces game has undoubtedly been a success after its recent launch. Aces is built in the same vein as their other aspiring competitive games Arms and Splatoon, where the story is meant as an introduction to the game mechanics.... Continue Reading →

A New Symmetra on the Horizon

Welcome to her reality. Right before E3 there was a major PTR update with lots of new things for people to try. There is a new looking for group option, becoming extremely detailed in how a person can look for a group. And, a new commendation aspect to the post game mechanics not seen before.... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Overwatch Seasonal Events

With Overwatch anniversary upon us there is no better time to talk about seasonal events. Especially because for this year for the first time you can play every non competitive event that the team has produced. This includes Lucio ball, Uprising, Yeti Hunt, all of the game modes that the community has gotten to experience... Continue Reading →

Predicting Overwatch Hero 28

It Obviously won't be a healer, so what comes next? With the Brigita meta in full effect dominating competitive and even beginning to show up in the pro-scene, it is safe to say that Brigitte Lindholm has found her place in the Overwatch world. The only issue is that she has been out so long... Continue Reading →

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