Disc-less Xbox One S rumored to be coming this Spring

Per a report from Jez Corden at Windows Central, a disc-less Xbox One S is rumored to be on the way with the intention of being launched this Spring. Corden, a reporter with an established credibility as a reliable leaker of information for Microsoft-related things, states that his sources have the new Xbox launching sometime... Continue Reading →

What Unannounced Game is Coming to Switch?

Coming soon to a Switch near you? It's that time of year again where major video game companies like EA and Nintendo are sharing their earnings and discussing their plans for the upcoming fiscal year (April to April). While Nintendo's earning's report was fairly expected, recording profits although the Switch failed to hit the lofty... Continue Reading →

Nintendo Direct Predictions

Gazing into the Crystal Ball With the recently announced Nintendo Direct having been delayed due to the earthquake in Hokkaido. And now that the damage is recorded and power has been restored to the majority of the city and the affected area, the wait is on for Nintendo to announce the new date for their... Continue Reading →

Is Google the next big console maker?

The Next Wave of Video Games? Reports from earlier is this week indicate google is starting to make a push into the video game market, details have been sparce as this has been a very recently developing story. However, there is some early speculation as to what the end result might look like. When building... Continue Reading →

What Will Hammond do to Competitive?

He came in like a Wrecking Ball With the announcement and subsequent release of Wrecking Ball, or Hammond, to the PTR the Overwatch community has gone nuts over this new tank hero that is going to switch up the meta. Hammond is a highly mobile tank hero, with machine-gun-esque aspects, his kit is bizarre to... Continue Reading →

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