Nintendo E3 Direct Reactions!

Oh So Much Good News Nintendo is in the middle of having a very big year for them. Super Smash Brothers was a huge release at the end of last year, and it has continued into this year. We have gotten relatively little news this year from NIntendo in general. There has only been one... Continue Reading →

Who is the 66th character in Smash?

As if we needed anyone else. Over E3 we got the simultaneous confirmation of 65 characters playable in smash, and with the information drop came a website update acknowledging that there are 66 playable characters, but they have only shown up to 65, of course December is a long ways away, and we still have... Continue Reading →

Top 10 E3 Reveals

Every year the race for E3 is to see who can bring out the biggest and best games coming to the consumer at some point. Many games are revealed and often times with how much news is being broken during the week it is hard to stand out from the rest of the crowd. There... Continue Reading →

Nintendo E3 Preview

Since the launch of the switch Nintendo has hit it out of the park with everything they have done so far. This is a company that looks like the complete opposite of the Wii U era. Plus with Smash Brothers on the Horizon it looks like Nintendo is going to keep this gravy train as... Continue Reading →

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